Rethinking the Role of Compliance

The Future of Compliance Is Now

The Future of Compliance Is Now

Hosted by Qmulos at CyberScoop 2021

Date: Wednesday, October 2oth, 2021                 Time: 3PM ET (12 PM PT)

Join us at U.S. Cyberweek in a panel discussion with Matt Coose, Founder and CEO Qmulos and Andrew Stewart, Senior National Security and Government Strategist, Cybersecurity at Cisco to learn about how compliance alone, even if done properly, is not enough to create enterprise security. These industry experts will discuss the differences between traditional Governance, Risk, and Compliance practices, the challenges that agencies are facing in adhering to the Executive Mandate and the tools and technologies that more efficiently monitor and assist with compliance.  Registrants should realize that the approaches their organization is currently using, probably do not cut it in this day and age.

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What is NY DFS Part 500 compliance?

NY DFS Part 500 compliance involves adhering to the cybersecurity regulations set forth by the New York Department of Financial Services (NY DFS). These regulations require financial institutions to implement a cybersecurity program to protect consumer data and ensure regulatory compliance.

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