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Support for Organizations at Any Maturity Level

  • Crawl-Walk-Run approach to support organizations at any level of maturity in their cybersecurity and compliance capabilities and initiatives
  • Easily get started at any level and gain immediate value
  • Extensible as cybersecurity and compliance capabilities evolve, e.g., new or changing security tools

Compliance Frameworks and Regulations

•   Support for multiple compliance frameworks and regulations


•   Easily add new frameworks and control standards

•   Support custom controls

•   Collect/assess once and report against multiple frameworks

Multiple Pricing Tiers

•   Flexible pricing options to support organizations of any size

•   Affordable entry-level price points to get started with fully featured solution

•   Volume discounts as you grow

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Achieving a strong security and compliance posture is not a Big Bang event. It is a journey in which organizations have to start with the basics and mature their people, processes, and technologies to develop the necessary capabilities. Part of this involves investing in the right tools that can grow and evolve with the organization. Qmulos’ Q-Compliance is a best-in-class solution that allows organizations of any size,in any industry, at any level of maturity to streamline, automate, and improve their cybersecurity and compliance posture. With support for any maturity level, multiple compliance frameworks/regulations, and flexible pricing options, organizations can invest in a solution that grows with them in the continuously evolving cybersecurity landscape. Q-Compliance provides a flexible Crawl, Walkand Run approach that allows organizations to quickly adopt industry best practices at any level of the cybersecurity and compliance maturity curve.


Organizations in the “crawl” stage may not have all the security tools and capabilities to automate and continuously monitor their security controls. They may still be collecting and performing assessments manually and capturing the results in spreadsheets and other documents. Q-Compliance can benefit organizations in this stage with its capabilities that are similar to traditional Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tools such asthe ability to upload evidence (or link to a document repository), capture compliance work history, manually perform and capture the results of audits and assessments, and generate compliance artifacts such as System Security Plans (SSP). By adopting Q-Compliance in the crawl stage, organizations can replace their manual processes and disparate documents with a single tool and begin to build the foundation for a robust cybersecurity and compliance program built on industry best practices such as the Risk Management Framework, NIST SP 800-53 security controls, or other industry standards (such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, or even custom controls).


Organizations in the “walk” stage may be performing basic cyber hygiene functions such as identifying and managing their assets, scanning those assets for vulnerabilities, and implementing secure configurations on those assets. At this stage they may be producing technical evidence that can be ingested in Q-Compliance to begin continuously monitoring the effectiveness of these foundational security controls. Q-Compliance provides the “Basic Cyber Hygiene” content pack to enable organizations in this stage to quickly get started with monitoring these controls and prebuilt alerts to be notified of events that may indicate security and compliance findings. From there, organizations can easily enable the monitoring of additional controls and begin to enable automated audits and assessments as they implement additional security functions.


Organizations in the “run” stage have a robust suite of tools to implement their security controls. They are producing a rich stream of technical data from these tools such as log data, configuration settings, scan results, and other events that can be leveraged to continuously monitor their security and compliance posture. Q-Compliance provides an extensive and powerful set of capabilities to enable organizations in this stage to assure compliance with the comprehensive set of controls required by their relevant regulations (e.g., full-blown NIST baselines), continuously monitor the effectiveness of these controls; utilize automated alerting, assessments, and audits; and achieve true Ongoing Assessment & Authorization.