Rethinking the Role of Compliance

Splunk Cloud: Now Offering Q-Compliance and Q-Audit

Our premium Splunk-based solutions, Q-Compliance and Q-Audit, are now approved on Splunk Cloud! And your company no longer needs to worry about managing an on-premise Splunk environment in order to use Qmulos applications. Our solutions are available anywhere and anytime. Taking advantage of our industry leading cybersecurity and IT compliance solutions has never been so simple, scalable, and flexible. Not to mention affordable, now that maintaining the complex infrastructure is out of the picture.

“We are very excited to offer our innovative solutions to customers via a SaaS model and especially on Splunk Cloud,” said Matt Coose, Founder and CEO of Qmulos. “More and more organizations are looking to SaaS for cybersecurity risk-management capabilities. We are ending that search, providing a cost-effective solution for Continuous Monitoring, GRC, Ongoing Assessment, Ongoing Authorization, and more. And with an almost immediate time-to-value.”

Thousands of companies around the globe depend on Splunk’s big data platform. And Splunk Cloud is the only enterprise-ready cloud service for machine data. Thus, it gives customers the ability to harvest that data with all of the benefits of SaaS, from anywhere they please. Qmulos enables companies to do even more with their machine data with the ease and efficiency the cloud provides.

As the only fully featured, cyber compliance and audit solutions available for Splunk Cloud clients, we are bringing clients into the age of automated, real-time security. Above all, we are delivering unparalleled security benefits and an unparalleled experience on Splunk Cloud.

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