How Can Qmulos Customer Success Management (CSM) Assist You?

Date: May 28, 2020
Hosted By: Qmulos LLC

So you’re a Qmulos customer and you might be wondering, “Am I getting everything I can out of these really cool solutions? Do I have to call the support number every-time I have a question? Who is my team’s main point of contact?”

All of these are excellent questions and we are excited to answer them all! Our new Qmulos Customer Success Management (CSM) Team is here to assist with everything you, as a current customer, may need. Our solutions aim to ensure critical cyber hygiene and assure the process be seamless, however, a solution is only as good as the team using it and of course, supporting it.

Join us along with Christine Lai, Director of Customer Success Management, and Matt Hopke, Director of Sales and Marketing for Qmulos for a discussion on how the CSM team can improve your experience as a customer.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop an organization-wide definition of success for the project in relation to your strategic goals
  • How to collaborate with your CSM team to develop a roadmap to deploy and roll out the solutions, based on team needs

  • Developing and implementing business and compliance processes to encourage feedback and improvement

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