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Qmulos Apple Compliance – Enterprise Compliance Scanning for macOS

Finally, automated, real-time macOS compliance management at enterprise scale

Qmulos is proud to announce the release of Qmulos Apple Compliance to address the needs of the macOS Security Compliance Project. “The project uses a set of tested and validated controls for macOS, and maps these controls against any security guide supported by the project. The project can be used as a resource to easily create customized security baselines of technical security controls by leveraging a library of tested and validated atomic actions (configuration settings).” Qmulos has delivered a truly innovative and scalable solution that enables enterprises to continuously assess and manage the control posture of macOS systems at the organizational and system-level in enterprises of any size!

Comprehensive coverage for today’s mandates and beyond

Qmulos Apple Compliance leverages NIST SP 800-219 (macOS Security Compliance Project) to enable macOS endpoint visibility through specific security baselines. The compliance state of macOS systems is evaluated against a range of domains including Audit, Authentication, iCloud, Operating System, Password Policy, System Preferences, and other control categories. Additionally, the Qmulos Apple Compliance integration enables Compliance Scans against macOS systems using a wide selection of baselines reflective of industry-standard frameworks.

Available baselines include:

  • Revision 5 of NIST 800-53 (Low, Moderate, High)
  • 800-171
  • CIS Level 1
  • CIS Level 2
  • CIS Version 8
  • CNSSI-1253

Qmulos Apple Compliance is fully integrated with existing Qmulos products such as the Qmulos SCAP App for Splunk and Q-Compliance.

At Qmulos, seamless product integration is a top priority. To that end, we’ve ensured that the macOS Compliance Scans, the primary driving force behind the Qmulos Apple Compliance integration, are compatible with the Qmulos SCAP App for Splunk. Seamless automation, reduced manual overhead, streamlined compliance lifecycle – all delivered through an easy-to-use graphic interface that doesn’t require your staff to be experts in macOS, Splunk, or compliance frameworks!

Additionally, macOS Compliance Scan rules are all mapped to NIST 800-53 controls, enabling control-specific granularity. The Qmulos SCAP App for Splunk provides rule-to-control mappings, SCAP benchmark and CCE uploads, and visualizations including a NIST 800-53 Score Card, Benchmarks Overview, and Enterprise Overview. Furthermore, macOS Compliance Scans are also integrated with Q-Compliance, and are visualized under the Security Scan Statistics panels which are supported by state-of-the-art Qmulos Alert Management functionality.

As enterprises continue to increasingly embrace Apple devices, maintaining a holistic understanding of the compliance state of macOS systems becomes a mission-critical objective. By leveraging Qmulos Apple Compliance and the macOS Security and Compliance Project, macOS systems can leverage all the operational compliance functionality and the frictionless compliance management experience delivered through the power of the Qmulos Converged Continuous Compliance™ platform.

More about Qmulos

Qmulos’ continuous monitoring and risk management suite provides an innovative solution to enable operational security and Converged Continuous Compliance™️. Leveraging Splunk’s big data platform, Qmulos empowers organizations to unlock their data to gain real-time visibility into their compliance posture for ANY environment, framework, control, and data source.

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