Qmulos Announces General Availability of Q-Compliance V4.2.0 and Q-Audit V3.4.0

Leading compliance, security and risk automation provider for government, commercial, and academic organizations updates product offerings to bolster cybersecurity risk management efforts with real-time, continuous monitoring 

ARLINGTON, Va.May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Qmulosa next-generation compliance, security and risk management automation provider, today announced the new versions and general availability of its two flagship products, Q-Compliance V4.2.0 – an all-in-one solution for any enterprise, environment, framework, control, and datasource, that optimizes risk management efforts with real-time continuous monitoring, and Q-Audit V3.4.0 – Qmulos’ Splunk-powered real-time audit software, an enterprise-grade tool designed to meet the most stringent audit requirements.

Qmulos’ offerings streamline the configuration of organizations and systems with complex shared responsibility models, manage tasks, support external reporting of audit activities, and enable more granular investigation of events on the ISSO audit review dashboard.

Customers can now benefit from:

  • Shared Responsibility Models (i.e. Control Inheritance) in Q-Compliance – Define and import/export overlays with multiple control inheritance relationships and accurately describe shared responsibility models to auditors. With one click, auditors can monitor providers’ compliance posture using real-time technical evidence.
  • Managed Tasks on the Control Compliance Hub in Q-Compliance – With the ability to create and search for tickets and filter by status, creator and assignee, users can quickly get to the tickets they care about to ensure critical control tasks are completed.
  • Exportable Audit Reports in Q-Audit – Users can provide audit review evidence to external auditors. Q-Audit automatically generates audit records when the events are reviewed on each of the event family dashboards and allows system owners to demonstrate to auditors that review activity is occurring.
  • Granular Drilldown of Events on the ISSO Audit Review Dashboard – ISSOs can easily review the events they are most interested in such as: failed login attempts, deletion of privileged accounts, external media connections to devices, tampering of audit policy configurations, positive malware detections, and user account changes. The dashboard shows a more granular distribution of activity across time and clarity into when certain activity is occurring, enabling ISSOs to investigate if activity is malicious.

“Legacy compliance models, paper-based audits and static snapshots of evidence just don’t cut it anymore, as is evidenced by the fact that enterprises are spending more money each year on compliance, but breaches in the news are a near daily occurrence,” said Matt Coose, founder and CEO of Qmulos. “With our updates to Q-Compliance and Q-Audit, we are empowering CSOs and ISSOs with enterprise-grade tools designed to meet the real-time requirements of today’s frameworks, and added a new level of granularity to more quickly identify potential malicious activity.”

For more information on Qmulos, visit https://www.qmulos.com/. To learn more about Qmulos’ updated product offerings and services, visit https://www.qmulos.com/q-compliance/ and https://www.qmulos.com/q-audit/.

About Qmulos
Qmulos is a next-gen compliance, security and risk management automation provider, delivering the innovative power of converged, continuous compliance through its flagship Q-Compliance and Q-Audit technology platforms. Qmulos enables organizations to achieve high compliance confidence while delivering a powerful and engaging compliance experience across all functions and phases of the enterprise compliance lifecycle. Leading government, commercial, and academic organizations use Qmulos’ solutions to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity.

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