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Qmulos Accelerates Defense Industrial Base Roadmap to Achieving CMMC 2.0 Compliance

ARLINGTON, Va. July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qmulos, the pioneering cybersecurity software and services firm driving the Converged Continuous Compliance™ revolution in enterprise security, compliance, and risk management automation, announces the support for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) version 2.0 through its flagship Q-Compliance platform.

The introduction of CMMC 2.0 is driving Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations to accelerate their roadmap for achieving and demonstrating compliance with the emerging requirements as a prerequisite for new and continued engagement with the Department of Defense.

The CMMC 2.0 implementation timeline will see approximately 7500 defense contractor organizations in scope of the new requirements by FY2022, growing to 25,000 firms by FY2023, 32,500 companies by FY2024, nearly 50,000 contractors by FY2025, and the entire DIB community of approximately 300,000 firms required to comply with CMMC as a prerequisite on all future DoD contracts.

Although firms will be subjected to varied levels of CMMC requirements based on the type of sensitive unclassified DoD information they handle, all DIB community members will be required to ensure CMMC compliance at some level, with many compelled to achieve CMMC Level 3 (Expert) as a condition of bidding and delivering under DoD contracts.

DIB enterprises should explore proactive compliance with CMMC 2.0 requirements as part of their continuous efforts to mature risk management capabilities, and as a core component of their competitive strategy.

As demonstrated by the changes incurred in the transition from CMMC 1.0 to version 2.0, compliance agility, an organization’s ability to rapidly adjust to shifting compliance requirements as they emerge, should be seen as a core critical enterprise capability.

Likewise, compliance confidence, the ability to ensure traceability and veracity of reported compliance information, must be considered a core requirement of any mature enterprise risk and compliance management program. As illustrated by the recent Aerojet Rocketdyne False Claims Act case involving allegations of misrepresentation of cybersecurity compliance under federal contracts, organizations must proactively consider and continuously address the risk of inaccurate compliance assessment and reporting.

The Qmulos platform enables enterprises to confidently achieve and demonstrate CMMC compliance by leveraging big-data analytics and user-friendly visualizations, coupled with automated technical evidence collection, alerting, and reporting.

Qmulos invites DIB risk, security, and compliance leaders to experience the power of Converged Continuous Compliance™ and how it can accelerate their roadmap to CMMC 2.0 compliance maturity:

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