In an effort to address growing concerns about the maturity of cybersecurity practices within the Federal Government, in May of 2021 the White House released Executive Order 14028 (EO). Its’ goal is to improve the Nation’s Cybersecurity by outlining a set of measures designed to improve the security of Federal networks, assets, and supply chains, to better identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents, and to set easily measurable compliance and effectiveness standards for Agency risk management programs.

Responding to the EO, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has developed Memorandum M-21-31 to address the requirements and guide the implementation of logging, log retention, log management, and centralized access and visibility provisions of EO Section 8.

Qmulos simplifies OMB M-21-31 compliance in a few easy steps. To the right you can find a link to download the free product brief, addressing some of the confusion behind the new standard, as well as how our solution, Q-Compliance, can assist your organization in quickly becoming compliant and helping your organization and your chosen third-party auditor organization in assessing your level of compliance.