Qmulos, the pioneering cybersecurity software and services firm driving the Converged Continuous Compliance™ revolution in enterprise security, compliance, and risk management automation, announces the support for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) version 2.0 through its flagship Q-Compliance platform.

The introduction of CMMC 2.0 is driving Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations to accelerate their roadmap for achieving and demonstrating compliance with the emerging requirements as a prerequisite for new and continued engagement with the Department of Defense.

The Qmulos platform enables enterprises to confidently achieve and demonstrate CMMC compliance by leveraging big-data analytics and user-friendly visualizations, coupled with automated technical evidence collection, alerting, and reporting.

Qmulos invites DIB risk, security, and compliance leaders to experience the power of Converged Continuous Compliance™ and how it can accelerate their roadmap to CMMC 2.0 compliance maturity. To the right you can find a link to download the free product brief, addressing some of the confusion behind the new standard, as well as how our solution, Q-Compliance, can assist your organization in quickly becoming compliant and helping your organization and your chosen third-party auditor organization in assessing your level of compliance.