Rethinking the Role of Compliance

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If your enterprise has mission critical systems with complex or classified data, you need a solution with full audit abilities. Effective operational security means 1) finding abnormal activities and attacks. And, 2) identifying misuse of information resources before threats occur. Providing supporting forensic analysis for investigations and official inquiries is also a must. So what’s the answer?

Q-Audit, Qmulos’ Splunk-powered real-time audit software, is the enterprise-grade tool meeting the most stringent audit requirements. Additionally, it is easy to use, fast to install, and ever evolving to flex to new audit requirements and new data sources. Furthermore, with a defensible and easily implemented audit policy, Q-Audit provides security value through actionable insight.

Q-Audit meets the needs of the Intelligence Community Standard (ICS) 500-27 Enterprise Audit. ICS 500-27 ensures intelligence systems are monitoring privileged activities. Additionally, it specifies a straight forward approach for the required audit events, as well as a standard set of metadata for each event. ICS 500-27 is considered the gold standard for enterprise audits at federal agencies and critical infrastructure sector companies. That is to say, the intelligence community requires identifying potential events of concern as a component of Insider Threat programs. You should too.

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