Q-Audit is the complete solution for audit and accountability controls based on the Intelligence Community’s Enterprise Audit standard, ICS 500-27, considered to be a fundamental building block for any insider threat program. It uses audit logs from operating systems, host-based agents, applications, authentication sources, and network appliances to provide analytics and demonstrate your compliance with common audit frameworks, including the 800-53 AU controls.

Q-Audit Includes:

  • Get Audit Log Value

    Qmulos Enterprise Audit (Q-Audit), powered by Splunk, provides immediate audit event context to your audit logs so you can proactively use them to monitor, detect, alert, and investigate suspicious activity.

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  • Insider Threat Audit Event Analytics

    Based upon ICS 500-27 prescribed audit events, which provide the dashboard analytics for real time monitoring as required for demonstration of compliance and improved security.

  • Comprehensive dashboards

    Comprehensive dashboards that make it easy for compliance analysts to monitor and regularly review insider threat focused events,  and demonstrate to auditors true ConMon compliance.

  • Support for all computing environments

    Have linux workstations? Mac or Windows too?  No problem!  Qmulos TA’s are provided that tag and map audit events to our data models, enabling one monitoring app for all environments.

Q-Audit Video Demo