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Q-Splunk Services

Q-Splunk Services provides specialized consulting to help organizations optimize and enhance their Splunk environment. Highly experienced Splunk engineers work closely with clients as virtual team members to tune deployments for specific use cases, resolve complex issues, fill resource gaps, and ultimately enable customers to realize maximum value from their Splunk platform.

How it Works

The Q-Splunk Services team provides specialized consulting to help clients maximize the value of their Splunk investment. We have a staff of seasoned Splunk experts that can be contracted for short or long-term engagements.

By partnering with our Splunk services team, you gain a dedicated consultant who works as a virtual member of your team. They will collaborate with stakeholders to understand your needs, and then tailor and tune your Splunk environment accordingly. This includes assessing your current implementation, verifying proper data sources, optimizing searches and dashboards, and identifying additional ways to leverage Splunk.

We kick off engagements with a planning session to align priorities and timelines. Our consultant engages with your team throughout the project to ensure deliverables meet expectations. Our hands-on guidance enables your staff to support a more efficient Splunk environment better.

Key Service Features

Qmulos Splunk Engineer

Our consultants maintain exceptional standards of Splunk knowledge, and possess the soft skills to mesh with any team and customer environment.

Splunk Deployment Health Evaluation

Qmulos Engineers will conduct a thorough health assessment of your current Splunk deployment to ensure your setup is effective and efficient.

Preparing the Splunk Environment for All Stakeholders

In order to get the most out of your Splunk services, it's important to understand what stakeholders on your team are looking for. Qmulos Engineers facilitate that discussion.

Data Source and Technical Evidence Identification

Using the right data makes all the difference in illuminating risk and compliance for an enterprise. Qmulos Engineers ensure your data sources are providing the right information.

Sourcing and Mapping System Data

Qmulos Engineers map out machine generated data across your enterprise as an additional source verification protocol.

Configure Controls Per Requirements

Based on your organizational requirements and goals, Qmulos Engineers will configure controls for adequate monitoring and reporting.

Dashboard Customization

Different stakeholders need to see different dashboards. Qmulos Engineers build the perfect customized summary pages for quick and easy viewing and reporting.

Premium Applications

Qmulos Engineers are adept at implementing and configuring Splunk Premium Applications. Enterprise Security, ITSI, SOAR, and more.

Knowledge Transfer and Consulting

Qmulos Engineers will walk your team through the deployment steps and ensure a transfer of knowledge to stakeholders and critical team members.

Roadmapping and Training Plans

A roadmap for the future is essential to ensure continued effective usage of your Splunk environment and Qmulos applications. Qmulos Engineers help you build that plan.

Realize Your Splunk Investment

Q-Splunk Services enable you to get maximum ROI from your Splunk platform. Key benefits include:

  • Cost Savings – Right-sizing Splunk to your use cases reduces infrastructure and licensing costs.
  • Increased Value – Stakeholders gain more actionable insights from optimized dashboards, reporting, and workflows.
  • Improved Security & Operations – Tuned Splunk implementations drive higher impact for security, IT, and business teams.
  • Sustainable Success – Your staff learns best practices to support ongoing Splunk administration and expansion.
  • Premier Experts – Our consultants are rigorously vetted for both technical excellence and collaborative skills.
  • Full Support Network – Your dedicated consultant taps our immense internal Splunk experience and resources.
  • Proven Customer Outcomes – We take pride in delivering successful engagements that realize your Splunk vision.


With Q-Splunk Services, you get an expertly optimized Splunk environment purpose-built to address your unique needs and empower your team.

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