Rethinking the Role of Compliance


Q-Compliance is a wholly new paradigm for risk visibility that accelerates and simplifies ongoing compliance management. Built on a high-performance, big data platform, Q-Compliance continuously monitors and collects data in real-time from networks, systems, tools, and devices both on-premise and in the cloud. Result: Security operations teams gain a comprehensive and dynamic view of their cybersecurity posture at all times – and in hybrid environments.

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How it Works

Q-Compliance analyzes data from any source to identify compliance gaps, flagging potential security weaknesses to keep organizations fully protected. Real-time data ingestion and assessment helps organizations achieve accurate, traceable, and up-to-the-minute compliance, ensuring control effectiveness and protecting against cybersecurity threats, non-compliance delays, and even revenue loss.

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Key Features

Whether they are running hybrid cloud environments or maintaining critical business applications on-premises, enterprises can achieve compliance requirements and still innovate – no matter what framework or compliance standard needs to be adhered to.

Customers can take advantage of:

  • Complete control sets and multiple frameworks
  • Multi-level organizational hierarchies
  • Multi-tenant organization-based access control
  • System boundaries and control inheritance
  • Built-in control baselines
  • Custom controls and control overlays
  • Hundreds of pre-built control analytics
  • Support for all types of evidence
  • Automated control assessments
  • Dashboards and workflows to manage operational compliance activities
  • File-based evidence upload and POAM management and maintenance

Key Benefits

Q-Compliance is reinventing how the largest enterprises handle compliance. Dynamic and evolving organizations with security and risk postures changing on an hourly basis can be confident that they have full visibility into their compliance status across their control ecosystem, empowering proactive, evidence-based risk management decisions.

Q-Compliance also provides multi-compliance framework support for common enterprise compliance frameworks using over 700 out-of-the-box visualizations and analytics. Automated technical evidence collection makes it easy to support existing and new compliance requirements and custom frameworks.

Q-Compliance Solves the Hard Part of Compliance

By continuously monitoring the effectiveness of all technical controls from any framework, in any environment, in one location, and in real time, organizations benefit from significant time savings and a drastically improved security posture.

If you want to…Use Legacy GRC VendorUse a niche Cloud VendorUse a Big Data PlatformQmulosOur Benefits
Manually collect and upload control evidence to include documents and snapshots of technical evidence.YesYesNoYesOvercome high labor costs, check-the-box audits, staff burnout, inability to access real-time data, and outdated compliance information.
Automatically collect technical evidence across controls to ensure they remain in place over time and at any point in time.NoLimitedPartialYesSignificant time savings for compliance and security ops personnel, freeing up time to focus on valuable security and risk management activities.
Continuously monitor the effectiveness of controls from any environment in one location and near real-time.NoLimitedNoYesDrastically improved security posture and protection of critical data, systems, and networks.
Manage and report on the establishment and effectiveness of management, operation, and all technical controls from virtually any compliance framework and./or custom “customer defined” control library.LimitedLimitedNoYesSignificant time savings for reporting, minimizing or eliminating manual reporting and ability to provide auditors with near real-time reporting.

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