Rethinking the Role of Compliance

Q-(Compliance) Core

Q-Core enables teams to collect and manage technical evidence, processes, and policies in a central repository Intuitive dashboards deliver comprehensive insights and help organizations navigate seamlessly across diverse compliance frameworks, centralizing and streamlining evidence management, tracking remediation activities, and effortlessly generating the necessary artifacts to develop a more robust risk management program and stronger cybersecurity posture.  

Q-Compliance Core homepage view

How it Works

Q-Core provides an on-ramp to track compliance for companies that are looking to start their journey away from legacy GRC solutions and spreadsheets that can’t keep pace with today’s requirements – and have no path forward to continuous monitoring. Q-Core enables compliance teams to collect and manage the evidence of human activity, business processes, policies, ATO documentation, and snapshots of scans and configurations in a single repository.  

As their compliance program maturity grows, they can transition to Q-Compliance to add automated technical evidence collection and real-time risk mitigation. By building on the foundation of Q-Core, achieving continuous compliance can be accelerated, helping companies and individuals protect themselves in a new era of accountability.  

Key Features

  • Generates artifacts (e.g. OSCAL-formatted SSPs and SCTMs) 
  • Provides step-by-step instructions for ISSOs via in-app guides 
  • Creates provider systems to document system inheritance 
  • Captures assessments and audits within the tool 
  • Creates or imports control implementation statements and statuses 
  • Uploads approved hardware and software inventories 
  • Tracks the status of failing controls via the POA&M dashboard 
  • Tracks authorization and conditions via the Authorization Dashboard 
  • Assigns and tracks remediation actions via the ticketing system 
  • Creates overlays to streamline control baseline configurations and/or protect sensitive data (e.g., HVA, PII) 

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines manual collection workflows 
  • Organizes and stores evidence for any compliance framework 
  • Replaces expensive and outdated GRC solutions 
  • Supports multiple frameworks and standards 
  • Delivers enterprise-wide compliance and risk-scoring 
  • Integrates with other GRC tools 
  • Moves organizations towards meeting continuous/ongoing authorization requirements 
  • Enables cybersecurity program maturity towards data-driven continuous control monitoring and automated technical evidence collection 

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