Rethinking the Role of Compliance


Q-Audit leverages advanced analytics to detect risks, attacks, anomalies, and outliers swiftly. The risk rating algorithms assign risk scores to users and hosts, highlighting potential insider and external threats to high-value assets and users. The User and Host Investigation features enable deeper analysis of the flagged suspicious activities to determine if they are malicious events or just poor cyber hygiene.

How it Works

Q-Audit integrates with and pulls data from any cybersecurity tool, app, device, or platform and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to monitor the events required for auditing. Using real-time data, Q-Audit drives the analytics and alerts built specifically for event families and events defined in ICS 500-27. Additionally, the data populates easy to understand visuals with at-a-glance trends and granular drill-downs to monitor and alert on auditable events and audit sources. Q-Audit can map vendor-specific event codes to the audit policy and auditable event categories, showing what to log and how to monitor those logs in real time.

Key Features

Q-Audit leverages machine data, insider threat analytics, and dynamic alerting to provide immediate feedback on anomalies. Security, risk, and compliance managers can use the visualization to drive risk decisions and risk reduction actions on a near real-time basis.

Many organizations use Splunk to just store audit logs. Q-Audit takes things to a whole different level by showing what you should log, monitoring logs and sending alerts in real time.

Q-Audit also enables monitoring of users and device activity (Windows, Linux, macOS, and others), ensuring that your organization is fulfilling the actual purpose of audit controls.

Key Benefits

Provides out-of-the-box compliance for ICS 500-27, NIST, and FedRAMP audit controls

  • Reduces manual efforts and costs
  • Identifies potential insider threats
  • Alerts on suspicious events
  • Monitors analytics in real-time
  • Investigates malicious activity
  • Delivers quick time-to-value
  • Satisfies the auditors

Identify and Investigate Risky or Malicious Behavior

Q-Audit provides customers with comprehensive visibility into their network and improves enterprise security – while keeping auditors satisfied. Q-Audit uses the intelligence community’s current gold standard for mitigating enterprise insider threats (ICS) 500-27, as well as NIST, DoD, NISPOM, and commercial audit best practices to ensure that an organization is fulfilling the actual purpose of audit family controls.

Firstly, the risk rating algorithms assign users and hosts risk scores. These scores shine a light on possible insider and outsider threats to high value assets and users.

Next, the User and Host Investigation capabilities enable deeper dives on the highlighted suspicious activities. Are these malicious events, or just users with poor cyber awareness?

Finally, Q-Audit integrates with Q-Ticket, another Qmulos Splunk application. Q-Ticket allows users to create and track service tickets to investigate risky users and hosts.


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