Rethinking the Role of Compliance

Qmulos Offerings

Qmulos delivers innovative solutions that converge compliance, security, and risk management to strengthen cyber resilience.

Q-Compliance, Q-Core, and Q-Audit, leverage automation to streamline the compliance process- driving proactive risk mitigation, operational excellence, and fortifying organizations against threats.

Q-Splunk Services deploy highly experienced engineers as virtual team members to optimize Splunk environments, resolve issues, fill gaps, and maximize Splunk ROI.

Qmulos transforms legacy compliance programs into modern, efficient risk management functions through technology and expertise.



Q-Compliance is a new paradigm for risk visibility that accelerates and simplifies ongoing compliance management. It enables organizations to collect their data once and leverage it across any framework or standard– dramatically accelerating the time it takes to achieve evidence-based compliance. Q-Compliance continuously monitors and collects data in real time from networks, systems, tools, and devices both on-premise and in the cloud.


Q-Audit provides comprehensive visibility into your network and improves enterprise security – while keeping auditors satisfied. Q-Audit uses the intelligence community’s current gold standard for mitigating enterprise insider threats (ICS 500-27), as well as NIST, DoD, NISPOM, and commercial audit best practices to ensure that an organization achieves the objectives of audit controls.


Our Engineering Team is your premier partner for getting you up and running quickly. We are experts in cybersecurity, big data, and Splunk and can help you solve your most difficult technical challenges. Whether it's implementing our products into a mature environment or helping you improve your existing Splunk environment.


Q-Compliance and Q-Audit training focuses on two audiences, end-users and technical staff. End-User training teaches CISOs, Compliance Leads, ISSOs, System Owners, SOC Analysts, Assessors, and Auditors how to leverage our solutions as part of their day-to-day risk management.

Q-Splunk Services

Q-Splunk Services provides expert consulting to optimize your Splunk environment. We assign an experienced Splunk engineer who works as a virtual member of your team.

Q-(Compliance) Core

Q-Core provides an on-ramp to track compliance for companies that are looking to start their journey away from legacy GRC solutions and enables compliance teams to collect and manage the evidence of human activity, business processes, policies, ATO documentation, and snapshots of scans and configurations in a single repository. 

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