Technologies Monitored for Security and Compliance

Because our apps are built on top of Splunk, they can benefit from all the machine data that’s already coming into your Splunk instance. Below is a sample of many of the technologies that can provide control data to our our solution:

Common IT and security product categories that our apps leverage for continuous monitoring of technical controls:

  • Authentication Systems

    • Directory, SSO, IAM Systems
  • Operating systems

    • Servers, Desktops, and Mainframe
  • Routers, Switches, and Firewalls

    • Virtual or Physical
    • SDN and Cloud
  • Config and Patch Mgt

    • Proprietary and standard based (SCAP: Security Content Automation Protocal)
  • Vulnerability Management

    • Proprietary and standard based (SCAP: Security Content Automation Protocol)
  • Web Proxy

    • Commercial and Open Source
  • Databases

    • SQL, NoSQL, Commercial and Opensource
  • Data Loss Prevention

    • Commercial or Proprietary, Host or Network Based
  • Virtual Private Networks

    • Commercial and Open Source
  • Endpoint Protection

    • AV, Heuristic, Machine Learning