Why Big Data?

Security Control Monitoring on a big data platform is the ONLY way to accurately assess your security posture in real time, enabling you to pass the most rigorous audits with minimal manpower and effort.

With risk visibility, you can begin improving your security posture, System by System, Enterprise-wide. This is the quickest and most reliable way to identify and manage your cybersecurity risks, and sets the stage for security beyond compliance – the real end game.


Improve Security & Minimize Liabilities – Board Members and Executives must understand exposures and impacts of cybersecurity risks.  Our real time dashboards provide insight for executives and operators, automating compliance and enabling risk visibility.

Quick time to Value – Our solutions brings real-time machine data into the compliance realm, enabling a collect-for-compliance, use-for-security approach.  Compliance and security operations teams work towards the same goal!

Complete Solution

We take the most complete security control framework in the world and provide you with an automated means of monitoring and assessing your security and compliance posture.

Cybersecurity compliance is complex. We make it easy.

We leverage the power of Splunk to capture  security-relevant data on a continuous basis.  We enable real-time visibility into ALL control types to include policy, management, and technical controls.

Our Difference

IRM + ConMon. Qmulos Apps, powered by Splunk, are the only Integrated Risk Management solutions that bring a continuous monitoring mindset to the compliance problem. Our expertise led us to focus on security-relevant machine state data, as well as other required audit evidence types.

We provide a quick time to value, with a significant automation of evidence collection, and focus on the most important point about doing compliance well – improving your security!