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OMB M-21-31

In the face of evolving cyber threats, the U.S. government has taken proactive measures to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity posture. The release of Executive Order 14028 and the subsequent OMB Memorandum M-21-31 underscore the government’s commitment to enhancing threat visibility and incident response. As these mandates evolve, your organization needs a partner that not only understands the intricacies of these directives but also offers solutions tailored to meet and exceed their requirements. Qmulos, with its deep expertise and innovative solutions, stands at the forefront, ready to guide your enterprise through the complexities of M-21-31 and beyond.

OMB M-21-31 ​
What is M-21-31 Compliance Automation?

What is M-21-31 Compliance Automation?

M-21-31 compliance automation involves using technology to streamline and automate the processes associated with complying with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum M-21-31. This memorandum outlines requirements for federal agencies to enhance their cybersecurity posture and improve their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. Compliance automation helps organizations manage the complexities of these requirements and ensure continuous adherence to M-21-31.

How to Achieve M-21-31 Compliance

Understanding M-21-31

M-21-31 was developed in response to EO 14028, titled “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” This memorandum specifically addresses the requirements for logging, log retention, and centralized access, ensuring that federal agencies have a clear roadmap for enhancing their cybersecurity practices. Beyond just compliance, M-21-31 emphasizes the importance of sharing threat and incident response information across the Federal government, promoting a collaborative approach to cybersecurity.

Qmulos' Unique Approach to M-21-31

Real-time Compliance Automation

Traditional compliance models, reliant on manual validation and periodic reporting, are ill-equipped to handle the dynamic nature of M-21-31’s mandates. Qmulos’ solutions, Q-Compliance and Q-Audit, are designed to automate compliance in real-time, ensuring that your organization remains agile and responsive to evolving requirements.

Technical Evidence & Control Maturity

M-21-31 emphasizes the importance of technical evidence in assessing cybersecurity practices. Qmulos’ platform offers unparalleled visibility into control maturity metrics, providing clear, actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Broad Coverage of Logging Objectives

With Qmulos, your organization gains comprehensive coverage of M-21-31 logging objectives. Our user-friendly visualizations simplify complex data, offering a clear picture of your enterprise’s compliance posture.

Agility in the Face of Evolving Mandates

M-21-31 and EO 14028 have set forth aggressive timelines, challenging organizations to rapidly adapt. With Qmulos, your enterprise isn’t just reacting to these changes; you’re proactively preparing for them. Our platform’s flexibility ensures that as mandates evolve, your compliance strategy evolves with them, keeping your organization always a step ahead.

Centralized Logging: The Heartbeat of Continuous Monitoring

M-21-31 emphasizes the significance of centralized logging as a cornerstone for continuous monitoring. In the vast digital expanse of modern enterprises, having a centralized system to capture, analyze, and correlate log data is paramount. Qmulos understands this intricacy. Our platform is tailored to meet the M-21-31 mandate, ensuring that your organization’s logging infrastructure is not just centralized but also intelligent. With Qmulos, logs become more than just records; they transform into actionable insights, enabling real-time threat detection, swift incident response, and evidence-driven investigations. As M-21-31 propels organizations towards a more unified approach to data handling, Qmulos stands as your trusted partner, turning the mandate’s vision into your operational reality.

Bridging the Gap: Public-Private Collaboration in Cybersecurity

One of the pivotal aspects of M-21-31 is fostering collaboration between public and private sectors. This synergy is crucial for a holistic cybersecurity defense. Qmulos champions this collaborative spirit. Our solutions are designed to facilitate seamless information sharing, ensuring that threat intelligence, incident data, and best practices flow effortlessly between stakeholders. In an era where public-private collaboration is not just encouraged but mandated, Qmulos ensures that your organization is at the forefront, driving cooperative efforts and strengthening the collective cybersecurity posture. With Qmulos, you're not just complying with M-21-31; you're setting the gold standard for collaborative cybersecurity.

Converged Continuous Compliance

Qmulos' commitment to converged continuous compliance is evident in our reliance on big data, ensuring that all relevant security and compliance data is readily accessible. Our approach disrupts traditional GRC models, showcasing that leveraging big data for compliance leads to enhanced operational security. By merging operational security and compliance functions, Qmulos ensures that your organization's resources are aligned towards a singular goal: bolstering enterprise security.

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Don't let the complexities of M-21-31 slow your organization down. With Qmulos as your strategic partner, you're not just meeting compliance requirements; you're setting the gold standard for cybersecurity. Reach out to our team today and discover how Qmulos can transform your compliance journey, ensuring that your organization remains agile, secure, and ahead of the curve. Act now and position your enterprise at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence. Contact Qmulos today.

Case Study from a Financial Agency

Qmulos and Splunk partnered to deliver compliance automation to the agency, enabling it to meet the OMB M-21-31 mandate and deliver real-time risk visibility.

OMB M-21-31

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CMMC deadlines are fast approaching and the first step to compliance is understanding where your current cybersecurity posture is falling short. With Q-Compliance, you can see your real-time status in weeks rather than months, allowing your team to close the gaps and quickly see the impact on your compliance score.

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