Rethinking the Role of Compliance


In light of the escalating healthcare ransomware threats, CMS ARS stands as a pivotal guide for healthcare organizations. Qmulos’ unique approach to compliance automation translates this guidance into actionable insights, ensuring that healthcare entities not only align with CMS ARS standards but also proactively adapt to them.


The Acceptable Risk Safeguards (ARS) is a foundational security framework. Qmulos enhances this by integrating its unique compliance automation, ensuring that healthcare organizations can proactively manage risks. This synergy across compliance, risk, and security functions ensures a unified approach, maximizing the value of existing investments.

ARS aims to champion best practices in information system security. Qmulos takes this mandate further by automating compliance processes, ensuring that best practices are consistently applied, monitored, and improved upon. This continuous cycle of refinement ensures that healthcare organizations remain agile and resilient against evolving threats.

ARS Components

ARS Controls

While ARS provides a robust set of controls, Qmulos’ approach to compliance automation ensures that these controls are dynamically applied and monitored. By automating repetitive tasks and integrating insights from various corporate functions, Qmulos ensures that controls are not just implemented but are also effective and efficient, reducing the risk of inaccuracies in internal reporting.

ARS Control Baselines

ARS Control Baselines serve as a foundational guide for security control selection. Qmulos enhances this by providing a dynamic compliance automation platform that adapts to the organization’s unique risk profile. This ensures that controls are not only relevant but also continuously updated, leading to a more resilient security posture.

ARS Risk Assessment Framework (RAF)

The RAF provides a structured approach to risk assessments. Qmulos amplifies its effectiveness by integrating real-time data and automating assessments. This not only streamlines the process but also ensures that risk assessments are always up-to-date, providing authorizing officials with the confidence to certify controls without fearing legal repercussions.

Most valuable benefits of CMS ARS

Unified Standardization

ARS's standardized approach is amplified by Qmulos' compliance automation. By creating a unified platform that integrates risk, compliance, and security functions, Qmulos ensures that healthcare organizations have a single source of truth. This not only streamlines operations but also builds trust in compliance reporting, reducing the risk of legal penalties and revenue impact.

Tailored Controls & Precision

While ARS controls are tailored for the SSA, Qmulos refines them further by leveraging its compliance automation. This ensures that controls are precisely aligned with the organization's needs, leading to more effective risk management and compliance outcomes.

Risk-based Approach & Proactive Compliance

ARS's risk-based approach is complemented by Qmulos' proactive compliance automation. By continuously monitoring and adapting to the organization's risk landscape, Qmulos ensures that compliance efforts are always aligned with the most current threats and vulnerabilities.

Continuous Monitoring & Insightful Control

ARS emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring. Qmulos takes this a step further by providing actionable insights derived from its continuous control monitoring. This ensures that healthcare organizations can not only detect but also swiftly respond to any security anomalies, ensuring a robust security posture.

Responsibility, Accountability & Trustworthy Reporting

ARS's emphasis on responsibility and accountability is bolstered by Qmulos' transparent and accurate reporting. By providing a clear view of the organization's compliance status, Qmulos ensures that authorizing officials can trust the reports, alleviating concerns about potential inaccuracies and the associated legal implications.

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