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What Is CMMC and How Does It Impact Your Business?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) introduces new standards of accountability and security in the U.S. defense industry. The goal of CMMC is to protect controlled unclassified information (CUI) from improper access and help safeguard data across the supply chain.

While there are myriad security solutions in place and pre-existing standards like DFARS and NIST, CMMC adds accountability by requiring third-party assessments and eliminating indefinite POAMs that leave security gaps open.

CMMC 2.0 is scheduled to go into effect October 2025. Non-compliance will prevent companies from bidding on Department of Defense (DoD) contracts, resulting in bottom-line impacts to the 200,000+ companies in the DIB. Click to learn more about CMMC and better understand what is required of your company.

CMMC Made Simple

Depending on the compliance frameworks you also need to follow, you may already be capturing all of the data needed to meet their technical controls because of how they overlap with CMMC. New frameworks are a straightforward addition to your Q-Compliance license, and the Qmulos team can switch on the requisite dashboards for your organization. 

How Qmulos Automates CMMC Compliance

Q-Compliance is an always-on cybersecurity compliance solution. Its automated technical evidence collection, assessment, and reporting streamlines an organization’s ability to meet current and future CMMC requirements and strengthens its overall cybersecurity posture.

Q-Compliance enables enterprises to confidently accelerate and demonstrate CMMC compliance by leveraging big-data analytics and user-friendly visualizations that transform the compliance experience.

DoD Demands Diligence

Once CMMC 2.0 is fully implemented, organizations that cannot achieve, maintain, and credibly demonstrate compliance will find themselves unable to work with the DoD, which can put millions, if not billions of dollars in revenue at risk.

Any control deficiencies identified during audits will no longer be allowed to persist indefinitely under extended mitigation timelines, and when firms begin to see their P&L affected by their compliance posture, it makes an impact – and that’s the point.

CMMC Proves That it's Time to Rethink Compliance

CMMC doesn’t introduce new ways of securing an enterprise. Instead, it is launching a new era of compliance that is required in today’s always-on world.

Legacy, static compliance doesn’t work because the threats companies face are not static. They are up against constantly-evolving threats that are adapted to finding the gaps in systems. CMMC demands a real-time approach and companies should be leveraging the push from CMMC to deliver real cybersecurity value from compliance.

CMMC 2.0 Roundtable

As CMMC 2.0 deadlines approach, organizations relying on legacy manual compliance management models will find themselves increasingly challenged to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance with the new mandate.

This session features senior industry leaders from Qmulos, BlueVoyant, Summit7, and Splunk sharing views and recommendations for the implementation of CMMC in various enterprise environments.

CMMC 2.0

Jump Start Your CMMC Compliance

CMMC deadlines are fast approaching and the first step to compliance is understanding where your current cybersecurity posture is falling short. With Q-Compliance, you can see your real-time status in weeks rather than months, allowing your team to close the gaps and quickly see the impact on your compliance score.

Schedule your demo today to see how Q-Compliance can transform your compliance experience.

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