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Fast Forward CMMC Compliance with Qmulos!

ARLINGTON, Va.Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the debut of the CMMC, any organization engaging with the DoD must quickly become compliant. Not being compliant means that you can no longer operate in the DoD contracting space, no longer bid on defense contracts, and may lose existing contracts. It can feel overwhelming even figuring out where to start.


Here’s the good news: Organizations can leverage Qmulos’ Next-Gen compliance solution, Q-Compliance, coupled with data provided by cybersecurity products from companies such as Cisco, Tenable, Microsoft, and Red Hat to automatically prove compliance for the vast majority of the technical CMMC Level 3 controls with built-in Qmulos-powered technical visualizations in record time!

Matt Coose, Founder and CEO of Qmulos said, “Qmulos is proud to be partnering with companies such as Cisco to greatly accelerate our customers’ ability to achieve CMMC compliance, leveraging their powerful suite of security products. Together we are not only helping with compliance, but with achieving the intent of compliance, improving our customers’ actual security posture.”

Qmulos contextualizes data ingested into Splunk, creating dynamic dashboards organized by business unit, system, and relevant CMMC controls and levels all the way to Level 5 certification. The result is a single pane of glass to review the vital technical evidence necessary to prove compliance.

Qmulos’ approach drastically reduces the number of hours it takes to collect evidence in perpetuity, allows for the upload of non-technical evidence, and helps customers achieve the intent of CMMC, the ability to monitor critical technical controls and drastically improve real operational security. This is the power of taking a data-driven approach to compliance!

Qmulos’ capabilities aren’t limited to CMMC! If you have other compliance requirements that you need to follow, Q-Compliance can help you there as well. Several compliance frameworks are already built into Q-Compliance such as RMF, HIPAA, FedRAMP, StateRAMP, NIST Cyber Security Framework, and more. And if your compliance framework isn’t in Q-Compliance already, it’s easy to add custom control libraries, frameworks, and overlays.

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