Qmulos Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Qmulos offer a plan with an Health Savings Account (HSA)?

No. Qmulos does not offer HSA.

Qmulos offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care Accounts (DCA) through Choice Strategies . Full-time employees are eligible to participate on the first of the month following their hire date. Employees who elect to participate can set aside up to the IRS allowed maximum limits of pre-tax money to pay for qualified medical and dependent care expenses. Due to expanded IRS regulations, employees can carry over a maximum of $500 in their FSA accounts between calendar years.

How much of the plan is paid for by Qmulos and your monthly Out-Of-Pocket (OOP) expenses?

Qmulos covers 90% of your monthly benefits bill therefor keeping OOP expenses very low.

Who is your 401k with?

Our 401k is administered through Vangaurd.

What is your process for continued education payment, whether it be for certification or university education?

Included within the benefits (listed in the employee handbook), Employees can receive $2500 annually for reimbursement of continued education. In certain cases, we have approved higher than that amount. If it is directly related to your job (Ex. Splunk certs), Qmulos would cover those expenses.

For continued education payment, do I pay and you reimburse, or is it contingent on my grades/passing?

This would depend on the type of education. For a university credit, we would reimburse. For a Splunk training (or similar), we would pay for it when you register. In some cases you would cover and submit an expenses report.

Are all continued education training during or outside of paid work hours?

This depends on the type of training.

Is payment salary or hourly based?

All salary.

Is the Payed Time Off (PTO) accumulated per period in addition to observed holidays?

Yes. All Federal holidays are Qmulos holidays as well.

Does Qmulos participate in any transportation reimbursement or tax reduction?

Yes. We participate in commuter benefits. Employees can set aside the maximum amount of pre-tax dollars to be added to a transportation card for commuting costs and/or parking.

Does Qmulos offer pre-paid metro cards that are tax exempt?

No. We do not have prepaid metro cards but this may be something we look into.

Does Qmulos have a standard raise percentage and if so what factors play into this percentage?

Bonuses are based on individual and team performance throughout the year.  We also offer referral bonuses to employees who refer new team members if they are successfully on boarded (after 3 months of employment)

What are the benefits options/costs?

Information attached.  If you are looking for cost, please let me know the number of people an ages you would like covered.  For 3 people I believe it would be about $100/mo.

Are the 3 weeks of vacation a set amount, or does this increase with years of service?

The 3 weeks is currently set however we are in the process of updating this policy.  The PTO days will most likely increase with years of service under the new policy.

Is there a separate leave bank for sick leave, or is it part of the 3 weeks?

We have one bank of PTO that is used for all time off rather than separating out per reason.  Please also note that throughout the year we are as flexible as we are able to be while meeting client expectations (Comp time – if you need to take a few hours one day you can make it up another day, we allow negative leave balances to a certain extent if you need extra time).

Are government holidays paid?

Qmulos uses the federal holiday calendar as our holidays and all are paid (10 days).

How much is the tuition reimbursement?

Annual tuition reimbursement is $2,500. In special situations the above ceiling may be raised at the sole discretion of the CEO and subject to the availability of funds. 

Considering my position developing from home 2 days a week, will I be provided a laptop, or just use my personal?

You will be provided with a laptop (We typically use MacBooks).  

Does Qmulos reimburse for in time and/or travel costs for conferences and events?

Qmulos often covers that costs of attendance and expenses for relevant conferences/events.