Rethinking the Role of Compliance

Enterprise GRC and Real-Time Risk Management Solution

You may have read our NextGen GRC blog in January. If not, we talked about how we deliver robust traditional Enterprise GRC features right alongside our NextGen real-time continuous monitoring capabilities.  However, what we didn’t highlight, is for half the cost, we offer all features of GRC solutions, and more. So, the only thing you need is an Enterprise Splunk license, and data–of course! How could it get any simpler?

You can initially leverage Q-Compliance for all of your Enterprise GRC needs (see our January Blog for our GRC features). However, when you are able to mature, real-time risk management capabilities are within your grasp. The great part about compliance capabilities through our native Splunk solution, Q-Compliance, is all you need is data! Let us show you how to start slow with our low-cost solution, and evolve to a fully matured security program doing ongoing assessment, ongoing authorization, and continuous monitoring at your own pace and within your budget.

For more information, please check out a brief video, referencing our capabilities.

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What is ISO 27001 Compliance?

ISO 27001 compliance involves adhering to the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). This standard provides a systematic approach to managing sensitive information and ensuring data security.

Qmulos’ platform supports ISO 27001 compliance by automating the processes required to implement and maintain an ISMS. Our solutions provide real-time visibility into compliance status, ensuring that organizations can continuously meet the requirements of the standard.

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Qmulos Recognized in 2024 Splunk Regional Partner Awards

Qmulos Named 2024 Regional Partner of the Year Winner for Outstanding Public Sector
Partnership – Qmulos, a next-generation compliance, security and risk management automation provider, announced today it has received the 2024 Regional Partner of the Year award for exceptional performance and commitment to their Splunk partnership.

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