Security. Compliance. When did they decide to split up? After all, they’ve both been a part of the Risk family since the beginning, just… not really together. And why not?

Both are meant to identify and manage risk. Both can – and should – use the same asset, event, and control data to make sense of the enterprise and its risk posture in order to support strategic and tactical decisions.

So, why keep them apart? We here at Qmulos couldn’t find a good reason. Instead, we found a way to bring Compliance and Security together as one happy family. We call it Converged Continuous Compliance™, and we achieve it using our software solutions Q-Compliance and Q-Audit. Both solutions aim to bring compliance and security together using real-time control monitoring to provide visibility in the moment, so informed decisions can be made.

We know change isn’t easy, and joining Compliance and Security takes work. This is where Compliance Therapy™ comes in, our process for transforming legacy compliance programs into modern business enablers.