Problem meets solution, idea is born, and Qmulos is founded.

From his days running e-commerce sites for large commercial entities in the heyday of the late 90s dot-com boom, Matt realized cybersecurity was going to be an emerging market-as few tools were available to ensure security even in large multi-million dollar transactional exchanges. Security, then, was an afterthought and something that corporate executives viewed as a cost center as opposed to a must-do.

So, Matt went to work for the Federal Government, where security was critical, even in the early days.  He ended up being responsible for improving the security of the entire Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.  The job enabled him to work with some of the most advanced and forward leaning cybersecurity technologies, organizations, and people in both the public and private sectors.

As he became a well respected cybersecurity executive, he discovered that effective cyber defenses depended on scalable, real-time, data aggregation and analysis capability across numerous silos of data, which was a significant failure point for legacy solutions built on relational databases.  Yet cybersecurity compliance programs were built upon static paper reports and snapshots of security status.  The light went off when then CEO of Splunk, Godfrey Sullivan, came for a visit.  Splunk was a completely new paradigm and one that directly solved the challenges involved in improving cybersecurity.

This paved the way to create a solution capable of improving the cybersecurity posture of any enterprise in all industry sectors, not just the Executive Branch.  Qmulos was launched and quickly became a fast-growth startup, attracting the best and brightest in our industry to help develop and provide leading edge cybersecurity solutions on the idea that a focused software company could make a difference.

He was right.

Qmulos continues to scale and deliver. It built its own apps, earned loyal customers, and provides the most complete and scalable cybersecurity, audit, and compliance solutions on the market.

Qmulos. Smart Analyses.  Secure Decisions.