Rethinking the Role of Compliance

CMMC Qmulos Roundtable with Jacob Horne, Matthew Weber, Paul Pelletier | Splunk

CMMC Roundtable: Industry Experts Fireside Chat

Qmulos  |  BlueVoyant  |  Summit7  |  Splunk

When: Wednesday, September 28th, at 2:00pm EST (11:00am PT)

Where: via Zoom link sent out prior to event

Qmulos is excited to be hosting a virtual thought leadership discussion, regarding CMMC 2.0, and how using the right technology stack can simplify and ensure security measures, and even assist in winning new business!

As CMMC 2.0 deadlines approach, organizations relying on legacy manual compliance management models will find themselves increasingly challenged to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance with the new mandate. This session features senior industry leaders sharing views and recommendations for the implementation of CMMC in various enterprise environments.

The panel will discuss a variety of topics, to include:

  • The transition from CMMC 1.0 to CMMC 2.0
  • CMMC Assessment best practices
  • Building the correct tech stack to achieve compliance
  • Timelines

Join us on September 28th, to discuss CMMC 2.0, how to address assessments, and other best practices.

Igor Volovich
Vice President, Compliance Strategy, Qmulos
Jacob Horne
Chief Security Evangelist, Summit7
Matthew Weber
Senior Security Consultant, BlueVoyant
Paul Pelletier

Director of Security Field Security Solutions, Splunk

More about Qmulos

Qmulos disrupts the legacy IT compliance and risk management markets and enables CISOs to realize that “doing compliance” on top of big data is the best way to dramatically improve real operational security. Utilizing a risk-based approach, organizations can finally combine their operational security budgets and resources with their compliance budgets and resources and align them toward one common goal – better security.

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