Automate Data Collection, Eliminating All Manual Tasks Wherever Possible

CMMC Compliance using Qmulos

Q-Compliance for CMMC is the only always-on cybersecurity compliance solution. Its automated technical evidence collection, assessment, and reporting delivers Converged Continuous Compliance™, streamlining an organization’s ability to meet current and future requirements and strengthening its overall cybersecurity posture. Built on the same compliance platform used by the DoD, federal agencies, and large commercial organizations, Q-Compliance for CMMC enables enterprises to confidently accelerate and demonstrate compliance by leveraging big-data analytics and user-friendly visualizations.

Empowers Compliance Confidence in Meeting CMMC Requirements

Q-Compliance for CMMC accelerates the ability of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations to achieve and demonstrate CMMC compliance through big-data analytics and user-friendly visualizations. Its real-time data ingestion and assessment help organizations achieve accurate, traceable, and up-to-the-minute compliance, protecting against revenue loss or non-compliance delays. With Q-Compliance for CMMC, users can trace evidence down to a single data point, ensuring complete compliance confidence even while the framework of CMMC continues to evolve.

Automates Data Collection, Eliminating All Manual Tasks Wherever Possible

Q-Compliance for CMMC automates the real-time collection, assessment, and recording of data from any source, greatly reducing manual, repetitive tasks related to meeting and demonstrating compliance. Built on the Qmulos Platform, Q-Compliance for CMMC streamlines the compliance process and simplifies ongoing data reporting so team members can refocus their attention from manual data collection to making better, smarter decisions around cybersecurity and risk. With Q-Compliance for CMMC, organizations can transform themselves from a reactive to proactive compliance and risk management model.

Advances Compliance and Cybersecurity Through Real-Time Information

Q-Compliance for CMMC delivers an accurate and real-time view of an organization’s compliance and cybersecurity posture. This comprehensive view advances an organization’s cybersecurity posture by flagging compliance gaps in real time and supporting the most up-to-date security measures. Q-Compliance for CMMC leverages the power of Splunk to ingest and interpret big data, providing a dynamic solution that eliminates the silos between compliance and cybersecurity. As a result, Q-Compliance organizations are able to implement a mature compliance and risk management program that optimizes their cybersecurity management.

Future-Proofs Against CMMC Framework Updates

Q-Compliance for CMMC is future-proofed against the evolution of the CMMC standard, as well as against internal technology changes. Built on a flexible, scalable, and data-agnostic platform, Q-Compliance for CMMC enables rapid updates as compliance requirements change, mitigating the need for re-work and manual intervention. It also easily accommodates internal technology updates, keeping organizations protected and prepared for the ever-changing landscape of compliance standards, cybersecurity threats, and technology.

Delivers Short-Term and Long-Term ROI

Q-Compliance for CMMC empowers organizations to transform legacy compliance management practices into proactive and comprehensive compliance maturity. Driving value across an organization’s cybersecurity investments, Q-Compliance efficiently and effectively safeguards against changing compliance requirements, eliminating compliance lag and delivering compliance confidence through continuous content updates. Its streamlined setup and automation of traditionally manual processes through direct data ingestion from any source reduces compliance costs short- and long-term, while enabling smarter, evidence-based risk management decisions.

Q-Compliance Is Proven for Major Compliance Frameworks

Q-Compliance solutions help keep organizations compliant with CMMC and other compliance frameworks, such as NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, ICS 500-27, SOX, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS. Built on the big data foundation of the Qmulos Platform, Q-Compliance’s unmatched data collection and ingestion techniques are trusted by top DoD agencies and defense industrial base firms to protect against compliance gaps and keep them ahead of cybersecurity threats.

Q-Compliance Delivers Converged Continuous Compliance™

Q-Compliance delivers a competitive security advantage to organizations through real-time compliance visibility across all major frameworks. Q-Compliance enables organizations to monitor their systems in real-time, providing security operations teams with a comprehensive and dynamic view of their cybersecurity posture at all times. Q-Compliance analyzes data from any source to identify compliance gaps, flagging potential security weaknesses to keep organizations fully protected. Bridging the silos between compliance and security across all data sources and frameworks, Q-Compliance enables Converged Continuous Compliance™ for the strongest possible cybersecurity posture.