Rethinking the Role of Compliance

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General Availability of Q-Compliance V4.4.0 and Q-Audit V3.70

On top of the support for several new and updated compliance frameworks and standards, we’ve added many exciting new features that improve and streamline integration with the DoD’s eMASS system, the set-up of new systems/accreditation boundaries, data onboarding, assessment, and continuous monitoring of controls. 

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Q-Compliance V4.1.0 General Availability

Qmulos is pleased to announce the general availability of Q-Compliance V4.1.0! In this release, we’ve added a lot of exciting new features to support our core use case of continuously monitoring security controls.

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Q-Audit V3.3.0 General Availability

Qmulos is pleased to announce the general availability of Q-Audit V3.3.0! Key upgrades for this release include the ability to apply filters and reduce noise to better detect suspicious activity, generating a report of all the latest results on the ISSO Audit Review Dashboard, and customizable ISSO Audit Review dashboard to monitor additional activities and events.

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