Q-Compliance V3.0 Release

Qmulos is pleased to announce the general availability of version 3.0 of its flagship cybersecurity continuous monitoring and compliance automation solution, Q-Compliance.  With Q-Compliance V3.0 customers can achieve true Ongoing Assessment and Authorization (A&A) or continuous Authority to Operate (ATO) for their systems. Building upon existing foundational capabilities to automatically assess controls and compute compliance scores for systems, version 3.0 adds more automation actions to grant or deny system authorizations based on time-driven or event-driven conditions, e.g. automatically grant or deny an ATO when a system’s compliance scores exceed or fall below a certain threshold, or when a critical set of controls pass or fail their assessments.

A new System Authorization dashboard has been added to visualize each system’s authorization status along with other important information such as control assessment results, Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM), and other required documents such as the System Security Plan. In addition, there is a new Organization Systems Authorizations dashboard that provides key metrics into the ATO statuses of all the systems owned by an organization (e.g. number of authorized systems, number of unauthorized systems, number of authorizations expiring in the next twelve months, etc.) to enable senior leaders to plan and prioritize resources to improve their ATO posture. Customers can download Q-Compliance V3.0 now on the Qmulos Customer Support Portal.

For more information on how Qmulos can help your organization achieve true Ongoing A&A, please Request Additional Information here.