Rethinking the Role of Compliance

Non-Profit Research Organization

Powered by Q-Compliance and Q-Audit, a non-profit accomplished real-time continuous monitoring across its global locations and achieved compliance with NIST 800-53 and ICS 500-27.

For data-driven commercial organizations, enabling more proactive cybersecurity measures is critical to staying ahead of threats. Qmulos applications are leading the approach to real-time monitoring of security controls. It can be a large undertaking for organizations currently monitoring their cybersecurity compliance manually.

Customer Challenge:

A global non-profit research organization sought a partner to help it proactively protect against insider and external threats. It also wanted help gathering real-time, automated evidence to transform its processes from tedious, costly, and manual compliance reporting to real-time monitoring that can keep up with today’s fast-moving and complex cyber threat landscape. The organization needed a tailored focus on detecting insider threats and auditing NIST 800-53 controls at a granular level. The cybersecurity regulatory DCSA standard defines the minimum baseline of security controls for all U.S. federal information systems. With employees and locations in 55 countries, the non-profit needed a single pane of glass and a central tracking system for investigating security incidents around the world. 

Compliance with NIST 800-53 is necessary; not only does it ensure that enterprises are secure, but it also ensures that any third-party vendors or organizations have taken the necessary steps to secure their company. Q-Audit helps organizations review the NIST controls at a granular level and conduct insider threat monitoring. Qmulos apps help companies mitigate risks in real-time and provide security awareness for their system stakeholders.

Qmulos Solution:

The organization engaged Qmulos and its products Q-Compliance – an all-in-one premier solution for real-time control visibility and automated collection of technical evidence – and Q-Audit – Qmulos’ real-time audit software that detects risks, attacks, anomalies, and outliers and assigns risk scores to highlight potential insider and external threats to high-value assets and users. 

The solutions were quickly rolled out across the organization’s sites with the help of Qmulos’ Professional Services support team in installation and deployment, as well as the Customer Success team that provided relevant compliance support and training to use Q-Compliance and Q-Audit in their environment. To guide the transition, Qmulos developed a tailored User Adoption Guide for the compliance team as support for adopting its products and integrating with the organization’s workflows.

Qmulos ingested multiple sources of data and helped the research organization develop a more mature, robust compliance program and accelerate its journey to achieving converged continuous compliance.


Implementing NIST 800-53 can be challenging due to its complexity, wide range of security controls with unique requirements, and need for customization. The effort is resource-intensive and requires cultural and organizational shifts to ensure follow-through and commitment.

Qmulos developed strong relationships with the organization’s internal teams and cultivated mutual trust and collaboration by conducting office hours regularly with its ISSOs and Qmulos subject matter experts. This enabled the internal team to use Q-Compliance and Q-Audit to meet NIST 800-53 and address insider threat needs. 

The power of converged continuous compliance for NIST 800-53:

UP TO 80% time savings via technical evidence collection and review instead of manual data collection and

UP TO 80% time savings in control review by leveraging automated pass/ fail, POAM creation, control alert logging, and more

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