Qmulos Announces Significant First Quarter Customer and Revenue Growth

Arlington, VA. April 30, 2018 –

Qmulos is poised to become the de facto standard for real-time risk management.

Qmulos, a leader in integrated risk management (IRM) powered by Splunk, announced today that its customer, revenue, and channel growth has accelerated significantly in the first quarter of 2018. Qmulos is poised to become the de-facto standard when an organization needs to dramatically simplify their ability to audit, evaluate, and comply with industry and regulatory IT mandates with real time risk management of technical controls.

The company has expanded market penetration in regulated and critical infrastructure sectors to include finance, insurance, healthcare, law enforcement, energy, telecommunications, and technology, while continuing to grow their presence in the federal government defense, intelligence, and civilian markets.

The launch of Qmulos’ channel partner program in 2017 is demonstrating tremendous success, with over 80% of first quarter deals being partner-led. Most significantly, Qmulos’ customer focused approach has resulted in a 100% retention rate for customer renewals with several customers expanding their relationship with additional license purchases.

Qmulos’ significant achievements in the past quarter:

  • First quarter new customer and revenue grew 75% year-over-year.
  • Expanded reach into additional markets via a growing channel partner program with over 10 authorized Value-Added Resellers (VARs).
  • Added new technology partnerships with industry leading cyber-security product companies in support of Qmulos’ Technical Control Initiative.
  • Expanded joint marketing efforts with go-to-market partners, highlighted by the featured article in the Government Computer News “Innovation in Government” publication.
  • Expanded relationships with several Fortune 1000 System Integrators to support joint customer acquisition efforts.
  • Expanded exposure on government and sector wide purchase vehicles to include availability for both Qmulos solutions via DHS CDM Approved Product List, as well as unique Intelligence Community Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).
  • Expanded Headquarters to accommodate rapid growth, include additional office space for staff, and a training facility that can support over 50 students at a time.

“We are extremely pleased with the strong progress we’re making in 2018, particularly in the commercial and critical infrastructure markets,” said Matt Coose, CEO of Qmulos. “Our momentum demonstrates that the market will make 2018 the year for real-time audit and compliance solutions on big data platforms.  The strength of our ecosystem partners in combination with the strong market demand in critical infrastructure and public-sector markets ensures 2018 will continue to break records for revenue and customer acquisitions for Qmulos.

Woodworking After Work

Thanks to Kyle, our multi-talented Qmulite, we recently received a custom, hand-made, wood sign for our new office.

For 15 years, Kyle has been perfecting his woodworking skills. He is always one to seek out a challenge and creating the Qmulos sign was no different. He completed the masterpiece in a single weekend using everyday wood pallets and his keen, creative eye.

To begin, Kyle refined the materials by cutting off the boards and pulling out the nails. Next, he flattened the wood with an electric hand planer, and then used a thickness planer to ensure all the boards were the same width.

The advantage of using pallet wood is each panel has a different grain pattern giving the sign a unique look. Kyle chose to alternate between light and dark boards to create a rustic backdrop.

To create the logo, Kyle used underlayment, a thinner type of wood made from sawdust. He meticulously cut out each letter individually and painted them before placing them on the pallet wood.

The custom-made sign was the perfect finishing touch to our new office and hangs in our entrance hall, greeting every visitor. Thanks to our talented team members, the Qmulos brand will continue to proliferate across the world!

Unlock the Value of your Audit Data in less than One Week with Q-Audit

Are you using Splunk to store your audit logs? Passively storing audit logs for regulatory compliance is by far the most common use-case for Splunk. But, is this providing you with the security value you expect from your logs? Now there is a way to get real security value from this data based on best practices for Enterprise Audit.

Qmulos Enterprise Audit (Q-Audit), powered by Splunk, provides immediate audit event context to your audit logs so you can proactively use them to monitor, detect, alert, and investigate suspicious activity.

Intelligence Community Standard (ICS) 500-27, widely considered the gold standard for audible events, is mandated for all federal government classified networks/systems. But, all organizations benefit from monitoring a comprehensive list of audible events. Q-Audit was purpose built to this standard to deliver an out-of-the-box commercial solution with real-time analytics, reports, dashboards, and alerts, providing a highly defensible capability for enterprise audit. Request a demo today.

The benefits of implementing Q-Audit include:

  • Quickly turn your reactive audit logs into proactive security value
  • Improve actionable intelligenceand inform security operations
  • Support for enterprise, cloud, hybrid, and sharedservice environments
  • Automatically translateobscure vendor event codes into real security insights
  • Enable insider threat detection, closely monitor privileged users and activities
  • Satisfy compliance audit requirements

Introducing the Dynamic Control Architecture

Organizations are often faced with requirements for compliance against multiple frameworks, standards, or regulations. Qmulos’ Enterprise Compliance (Q-Compliance) application, powered by Splunk, has a Frameworks Dashboard feature that enables organizations to score themselves against other frameworks using the NIST 800-53 controls catalog as the common Rosetta Stone across these other frameworks. In the Spring Release, Q-Compliance takes this flexibility to the next level with the introduction of the Dynamic Control Architecture.


The Dynamic Control Architecture will enable Q-Compliance to integrate controls from multiple standards beyond NIST 800-53 such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and even custom controls. Now organizations can automate compliance against multiple standards down to the individual control level independent of any mappings. Compliance against those multiple standards can be automatically assessed against a single source of truth, the events in the Splunk indexes, using a vast and growing library of reusable components for analytics and visualizations. In addition, these analytics and visualizations for technical control evidence can be added or changed dynamically through a simple plug-and-play interface allowing for easy customization.