November 28th, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA.   We are excited to announce the formation of Qmulos Technology Labs! In order to drive innovation and automation we are combining our team of security, compliance, privacy, and audit professionals with our Splunk application development engineers.  Our goal is to accelerate the creation of Qmulos Technology add-ons (TA) and visualizations while continually improving security by using standards-based technical control nomenclature, enabling real-time continuous monitoring of enterprise security infrastructure, and automating compliance activities.

Why is this important?   We put our customers use cases first and foremost when we deploy our security and compliance automation solutions, and always work to align the solutions with the “two hats” every CISO wears: operational security and IT compliance.  In support of our customers, we have broadened our technology partner ecosystem, and have been working with technology leaders in cybersecurity to enable the value of their security solutions to immediate satisfy compliance and continuous control monitoring requirements.  Our customers’ use cases have been expanding this past year as well, ranging from commercial compliance and insider threat programs, medical device systems compliance and isolation initiatives, and public sector CDM continuous monitoring programs, among others.   Formalizing our technical lab operation accelerates this value for our customers.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of who we are working with and how together we are solving tough challenges in an entirely new way!